Reaping the BenefIT

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New Update

There has been a lot of traction in terms of new IT initiatives within

Escorts Agri Machinery over the last couple of years. One of the key initiatives

taken lately is to optimize the companys supply chain management as Escorts

implemented i2 application, thereby reducing the inventory for both raw

materials and finished goods. This was achieved by linking production with

market demands and by doing a backward integration of production plan with

availability of raw materials. This has also benefited cash management,

releasing blocked cash to a great extent.


Tech Power

As part of its renewed IT plans Escorts recently implemented E-track that

helps to profile prospective customers and track down all related developments,

from initial customer query till the final purchase of products. "We have

deployed the application in-house with the help from a third party vendor. And

we are hosting it in our own data center situated at the Faridabad plant,"

informs Vipin Kumar, CGM & head, information services, Escorts Agri Machinery

Group. The company is in the process to upgrade its data center by implementing

blade servers with consolidated storage solution from EMC. Presently, the data

center runs on HP servers and the core application is on Oracle ERP. "We have

forty odd servers that are supporting all our applications as well as back-ups,"

says Kumar. Escorts has a two tier back-up system including servers and tapes

and is now planning to set-up a DR site soon.

Within the next one year, Escorts will be

ready to deploy a full-fledged CRM solution
Vipin Kumar, CGM & head, information services, Escorts

Agri Machinery Group

The company also went for consolidated and centralized bandwidth connectivity

as it shifted its network from DSL to dedicated Internet connectivity. The MPLS

connected all its offices seamlessly; while for the data center UTM boxes were

set-up with IPS, VPN and Websence activated solution deployed in a redundant

mode. The R&D center at Faridabad was also being migrated from a flat network

architecture to a three tier structured network implementing VLAN. "We are also

establishing fiber links for all our manufacturing plants," adds Kumar.


Next in Line

Escorts is now focusing to upgrade its ERP (Oracle ERP 5.7 to 12) and

implement knowledge management application. "By doing so we will be able to

digitize, preserve and manage all kinds of data generated within the

organization and will also have a centrally controlled access," says Kumar.

The company is also on its way to implement videoconferencing and biometric

systems for its internal users and employees. Within the next one year, Escorts

will be ready to deploy a full-fledged CRM solution as well.

"We also have implemented an internally developed chatting application, Idea

Tracker. This helps us to track and manage the entire lifecycle of any idea

generated from our employees that might help in improvising business processes,"

says Kumar. Apart from that Kumar and his team has created a dedicated chat

server for internal communications that helps employees share their ideas on a

regular basis with fellow colleagues and the CEO. "The best ideas are properly

tracked and awarded through this single communications platform," he concludes.

Piyali Guha