Real-time Customer Engagement Solutions Driving Business for Mobile Service Providers

By Markus Doetsch, MD and CEO, Sicap Group

Customer expectations have changed dramatically and are continually evolving in a rapidly-transforming digitally-driven interconnected world. In such a scenario, addressing and meeting increasingly set of customer expectations is one of the major challenges for businesses to ensure customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

In order to gain customer insight and engagement, companies need to enable meaningful interaction with the customers by leveraging context-aware customer engagement solutions to promote, sell and activate services in a smarter way. Mobile service providers can provide true cloud-based solutions as a combination of real-time customer data analytics and automated, context-aware customer engagement automation tools to best meet the demands of companies.

Mobile operators gain an accurate and up-to-date 360 degree customer understanding through the real-time customer insight data analytics which provides companies a number of benefits including better segmentation capabilities, seamless flow of information, and better decision making. Every step in this more personalized contact process further pushes their competitive advantages while improving customer service in a cost effective manner.

Contextual customer engagement solution enables wireless service providers such as MNOs and MVNOs to engage with their subscribers through personalized messages delivered automatically at the right moments based on the customers’ actual situation and interests. For any business purpose, the key is to give targeted customers the right amount of information at the right time in a personalized manner as most of the customers still want a personal one-on-one experience. As a way to power marketing campaigns, and deliver proactive customer care, companies need to focus on making the engagement right to make it more relevant for customers.

Mobile operators can leverage cloud-based deployment model to provide companies a one-stop customer engagement and retention solution that aligns with their business goals tied to marketing KPIs. With advanced data analytics and interactive tools, businesses can connect with like-minded consumers through fully integrated marketing automation platforms. Keeping pace with emerging technologies and trends, mobile operators need to focus on quality interactions with a structured approach through data-driven insights and segmentation.

Being cloud-based, the hardware-free solution matches any budget as it is a smart way to streamline operating expenses and increase profitability. Moreover, it allows mobile operators to generate revenue streams; get a much larger and faster return on investment; save customer care costs; and ensure higher customer satisfaction.
Mobile operators around the world are leveraging contextual customer engagement automation solutions to grow sales, speed-up adoption of new services and to increase customer lifetime value (CLV). The customer-first solutions provide an easy integration to any external data source and telecom network for better customer segmentation. Customer engagement itself takes place through SMS or MMS messages and off-the-shelf plug-ins are provided for messaging centres of most vendors, which subsequently add more value to a consumer relationship.

Segmentation based on context contextual customer data allows any piece of data or even the results of a past campaign to be used as a parameter to define a customer segment. Faster and real-time customer insights and engagement solutions provide the users such as service provider’s administrators, marketing and product managers or customer care managers an intuitive graphical user interface through which the customer engagement campaigns are created and initiated in a timely manner.

Customer engagement solutions integrated with automatic device detection system, device characteristic database and CRM or billing system for the required input data can be optimized to promote and speed-up 4G-service adoption worldwide. A perfect cloud-based deployment model is what the twenty-first century business needs to ensure a high performance and end-to end security solution that allows fast message delivery and cost-efficient maintenance.

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