5 must-read IT industry blogs

While social media has increasingly become a tool for all internet-savvy individuals, groups, and companies to create presence, it has also become a medium for senior IT heads and professionals to voice their opinions and reach out to the community.

We list here some interesting blogs that leading IT professionals have created and have been gaining readership of late:

1# “Oh I see”! (Inverted CIO) – A blog by Arun Gupta, CIO, Cipla

Gupta invariably comments on very relevant day-to-day challenges and issues in the IT industry and shares his experience on how to tackle them.

2# “New World” – Blogs by Vinod Kumar and John Hayduk, CEO & President respectively, Tata Communications

The blogs here give an overall insight into new happenings and events in and around the world…

3# “Future Perfect” – Blog by Jan Chipchase, executive director, frog design

The author often goes on an inspiration mode, talking about creating new designs and engaging and generating conversations on user experience…


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