Re-Thinking Data Centers : Newer Paradigms

The three-city Dataquest event Re-Thinking Data Center in association with
Avocent was organized recently at Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru. In a modern-day
demanding business scenario, data center management can be a tedious and time
consuming affair, especially when todays data centers commonly span server
racks, buildings, and even continents. Users therefore, need a wholesome and
simple solution to enable their data center infrastructure to offer maximum
benefit at minimal cost. Avocent consolidates data center management into a
single, unified platform to reduce the complexity and make IT infrastructure
management more efficient and reliable.

The event witnessed representatives from Avocent sharing their knowledge and
expertise with the audience and provide information on the types of data center
solutions available from Avocent and their benefits. Addressing on issues like
space, power and lack of central data knowledge Monish Chhabra, country head,
Avocent India and Bernard Tan, technical consultant, ASEAN & India, Avocent
explained how the solutions offered by the company help deal with such


An attentive
audience in Delhi trying to understand the different types of data center
solutions available from Avocent
Space, power and
lack of data centralization are the biggest challenges identified by the
majority on the data center front


What will data
centers look like in the future was the question posed to experts in Mumba

Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer provides visual documentation of
data center assets and utilization, enabling accurate and comprehensive capacity
planning and detailed assistance for operations and maintenance. When used in
conjunction with Avocent hardware and DSView 3 management software,
Infrastructure Explorer allows the user to connect to and manage devices
visualized in the application. The DSView 3 management software platform
provides secure, remote, and consolidated out-of-band management of the entire
IT infrastructure. It provides a single interface to ensure the data center is
continuously up and running by controlling DSR KVM over IP switches, console
management appliances, power distribution units, and IPMI enabled servers.
DSView 3 softwares IP power management also enables out-of-band remote
management of Avocent power control devices, Server Technology Switched CDU
products, and power management of IPMI enabled serversoffering a proactive
approach to power management that helps eliminate downtime caused by power
issues. They further discussed about the current data center trends like
cloud-based services and energy-efficient blade servers and their advantages.

Piyali Guha

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