Raritan launches Trade Up To Power Up scheme to promote 3-Phase iPDUs

Raritan, a brand of Legrand,  provider of intelligent data center management and rack power distribution solutions, is creating awareness in the data center industry about the advantages of 3- phase iPDU’s as the most cost effective and reliable way to support increased storage density in the data center. To back this initiative, Raritan has launched a scheme ‘Trade Up To Power Up’. The aim of the scheme is to let companies trade in any brand of single phase PDUs for Raritan’s 3- phase iPDU.

Over the past few years, the average power consumption per server has increased from 2 KW to 12 KW and continues upward with the adoption of high-power computing equipment like blade severs and with the deployment of densely packed storage, virtualization and cloud computing. To support the new, power-hungry IT equipment, data center managers have to deliver more power to the IT equipment rack. Thus, the need of the hour is to consider 3 Phase iPDUs over traditional PDUs to support higher computing power, achieve higher rack density and save on real estate costs.

3-phase power to the rack helps organizations scale operations effectively by

(1) Allowing you to mix & match single/ 3 phase outlets in a single PDU

(2) Future proofing by upgrading to 3 phase outlets with a simple PDU change

(3) Standardizing parts without rewiring, hence reducing associated downtime and installation hassles

(4) Eliminating unnecessary voltage transformations and line transmission losses

Talking about this unique initiative, Sanjay Motwani, Regional Director- Asia Pacific, Raritan Inc says, “Organizations of all sizes, large, medium and small have been gearing up for higher power to the rack in the last few years. As an innovator and leader in this space, we felt the ‘Trade Up to Power Up’ scheme would be a unique, one time opportunity for organizations to not only upgrade their existing PDU’s but to also support higher computing power cost effectively. With the added incentive of getting Rs.20,000/- off per new iPDU, we are sure the offer will receive a tremendous response from the industry. “

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