Rank - 95 : Geometric

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New Update

In a tough year, contribution of new business to overall revenue dropped

drastically for Geometricfrom 7% in FY09 to just 1.3% in FY10and that pulled

down its topline. But like most service companies, Geometric concentrated on

improving margins and managed to increase to 12.5%, from 2% in FY09. While the

contribution of software services and product revenues grew, engineering

services share declined. What differentiates Geometric from many others is a

healthy 7% revenue coming from products.


Rank - 95 : Geometric


l CEO: Ravishankar G l Start-up

Year: 1994 l Products & Services: PLM products and services, engineering

services l Address: Plant 6 Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai 400 079 l

Employees: 2,956 l Tel: 022 6705 6500 l Fax: 022 6705 6891 l Website: