Rank - 89 : Sasken Communication Technologies

DQI Bureau
New Update

Things started looking up for Sasken from Q4 onwards, when the consolidated

revenue grew by 6% q-o-q. Over the year, the company had sizable wins in the

semiconductor segment, including one from a leading semiconductor customer for

modem memory optimization. Sasken also focused on extending its competencies to

tap adjacencies to telecom and expand its customer base and offerings.

Accordingly, it joined the Open Handset Alliance of sixty-five technology and

mobile companies to fuel innovation and time-to-market for Android based

devices. It also developed IsatPhone Pro, Inmarsats first global hand-held



Rank - 89 : Sasken Communication Technologies


l Chairman and CEO: Rajiv C Mody l

Start-up Year: 1989 l Products & Services: Embedded product design l

Address: 139/25 Ring Road, Domlur, Bengaluru 560 071 l Tel: 080 3989 1122 l

Fax: 080 3981 3329 l Website: