Rank - 77 : Keane India

DQI Bureau
New Update

The year saw Keane revamping the top leadership globally. It created a coup

of sorts by roping in John W McCain, the former HP services boss as the

president and CEO. It acquired certain portions of BearingPoints business in

North America. All this, of course, had its impact on Indian operations, where

the headcount went up marginally, even as it started its domestic market foray.

Keane is strong in government and is apparently looking at garnering business

from that segment in India, including in public services and defense.


Rank - 77 : Keane India


l CEO: Srikanth Rao l Start-up

Year: 1989 l Products & Services: IT services l Address: 18/1, South End

Road, Bengaluru 560 004 l Employees: 6,500 l Tel: 080 2665 5122 l Fax: 080

2665 5755 l Website: