Rank - 62 : CORE Projects & Technologies

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In FY10, CORE Projects was a big winner in school management solutions. It

bagged the Maharashtra Government project(120 crore) for a period of five years,

for providing computer infrastructure in 947 schools; and from Karanataka State

Open University to implement FAIMits admissions and examinations management

system. COREs US arm bagged a $24 mn contract from the Los Angeles Unified

School District to design and implement an assessment program for 7 lakh

students. The acquisition of K12 division of Princeton Review was a big win.


Rank - 62 : CORE Projects & Technologies


l CEO: Prakash Gupta l Start-up

Year: 2003 l Products & Services: Software services, education solutions l

Address: Unit No 1-4, Navi Mumbai 400 710 l Tel: 022 2778 4800 l Fax: 022

2778 2977

l Website: