Rank - 60 : NIIT Technologies

DQI Bureau
New Update

The dip in revenues was somewhat offset by the 10% increase in net profit.

Revenue from Europe shrunk, while US grew marginally. FY10 was more a year of

domestic focus, targeting government and defense. The end-to-end Intranet

project for BSF worth Rs 228 crore, and becoming an empaneled GIS provider in

the R-APRDRP program were the highlights. Though BFSI (43%) was big, it was

transportation and logistics (31%) that grew with NIIT Tech partnering SATS and

bagging many new airlines and airports projects.


Rank - 60 : NIIT Technologies


l President & CEO: Arvind Thakur l

Start-up Year: 2003 l Products & Services: ADM, migration, enterprise

solutions and business process management l Address: B1/H9, MCIA, Mathura

Road, New Delhi 110 044 l Employees: 4,441 l Tel: 011 4057 0700/701 l Fax:

011 4057 0933 l Website: