Rank - 57 : Supertron Electronics

DQI Bureau
New Update

Acer proved to be particularly lucrative for Supertrondesktops and notebooks

contributed Rs 309 crore, while e-machines accounted for Rs 86 crore and

monitors Rs 114 crore, respectively. Dell, too, started contributing generously

to the topline as did peripherals like Seagate (Rs 259 crore) and Transcend

flash drives (Rs 53 crore). Superlative growth and a healthy bottomline (up 52%)

in FY10 reaffirmed Supertrons entry into the league of the Top10 distributors

in the country.


Rank - 57 : Supertron Electronics


l Managing Director: VK Bhandari.

l Start-up Year: 1993 l Products & Services: Distribution of PC products,

storage & servers, peripheral and components l Address: Supertron House, 2

Cooper Lane, Kolkata 700 001 l Employees: 392 l Tel: 033 2213 1221 l Fax:

033 2213 0366 l Website: