Rank - 53 : Iris Computers

DQI Bureau
New Update

As Iris tightened its credit mechanism, the impact reflected on its topline,

from Q3 onwards. The lions share of the business (52%) came from the north.

Focus on smaller branches helped Iris penetrate smaller cities like Ludhiana,

Shimla, etc, and grow by 25%. With HP, Dell and Lenovo in its kitty, systems

accounted for 84% of its revenue. The verticalization approach (HP, Lenovo/Microsoft

and IBM/APC portfolios under different business managers) also benefited Iris.

New principals were addedAdata, Belkin and MSI, and they started contributing

from the first year itself.


Rank - 53 : Iris Computers


l Chairman: Sanjiv Krishen l

Start-up Year: 1996 l Products & Services: Distribution of IT hardware &

software products, ASP, facility management services l Address: A 155, Road

No 4, Mahipalpur, New Delhi 110 037 l Employees: 251 l Tel: 011 2678 2505 l

Fax: 011 2678 2510 l Website: