Rank 2 - Allsec Technologies : The Money Boost

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Inching closer to the number one spot, Allsec managed to meet a range of

employee expectations well. It is in fact one of the few companies that got full

scores on compensation. The company seemed to have created a fine balance

between salary, perks and benefitsin all these parameters the employees gave

very high scores. But on the downside, the company needs catching up on the

training front.


The companys HR head acknowledges the fact that in 2009, it did not invest

in training due to the ongoing recession. It rather focused on keeping its

operational efficiencies in the pink and worked on countering the recessionary

impact. Another dampener was infrastructure where employees gave Allsec a thumbs

down. Notwithstanding the few downers the company worked on areas like improving

its appraisal systems further and added functions like recruitment mode and peer

feedback among others.

On the growth side, the company did get lower scores; this was the case in

2008 as well. But the company says that in the last six months employees have

found growth opportunities due to its increasing focus on the domestic market.

With the significant and growing domestic slice, the company also brought in

some of the best practices that it has put in place for its global business

processes. And in the ongoing year Allsec expects its lower rank on growth

changing for better.

Allsec also worked on employee integration as a result of its acquisition of

the call center business of Delhi based i2i Telesource. Despite the overall

recessionary trends Allsec did not downsize and the increased domestic market

penetration acted as a big savior for the company in sustaining its business.

Rank 2 - Allsec Technologies

R Vaithiyanathan,

senior VP, Operations and HR