Rank - 190 : Blue Star Infotech

DQI Bureau
New Update

The company launched a major business strategy evaluation program, Centurion,

to draw a blueprint for sustaining growth and profitability over the next three

years. Even though revenues declined, it bagged clients both overseas and in

India. Travel & hospitality (Rs 40 crore) and OPD plus testing (together Rs 44

crore) were BSILs biggest contributors. Thirty-seven new domestic clients

included NSE, Dorf Ketal, BSE, Ddamas, Snowman, EMC, Meridian Pharma, Loop

Mobile and Meru Cabs.


Rank - 190 : Blue Star Infotech


l COO: AT Vijaykumar l Start-up
Year: 1983 l Products & Services: Software products, services, consulting l

Address: Band Box House 4th Floor, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400

045 l Employees: 890 l Tel: 022 2490 1870 l Fax: 022 2490 1353 l Website: