Rank - 184 : Citrix Systems

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With more than 3,000 customers, India is considered one of the growth drivers

for Citrix globally. Although FY10 started with some hiccups followed by a dull

first two quarters, the desktop virtualization market saw a lot of potential in

the last two quarters which helped Citrix somewhat offset the previous losses.

Deals from Genpact and Perfetti Van Melle also helped the company leverage on

the opportunities in India for desktop and server virtualization. While product

licenses revenues declined, revenues from online and technical services grew



Rank - 184 : Citrix Systems


l Area VP (India Subcontinent):

Sanjay Deshmukh l Start-up Year: 1999 l Products & Services: Desktop and

server virtualization, network security, cloud computing l Address: Citrix

Systems India, 5th Floor The Sirius, #69/3 Millers Road, Bengaluru 560 052 l

Employees: 400+ l Tel: 080 4134 1000 l Fax: 080 4130 3000 l Website: