Rank - 173 : Sogo Computers

DQI Bureau
New Update

Sogos appointment as a regional distributor and direct retail partner for

Dell helped it attain a good stead in FY10. It derived a major chunk of its

revenue from Dellon an average Rs 4 crore per month last year. Sogo added

Toshiba and Canon to its portfolio, and they are expected to pay dividends in

the long run. It had a flourishing rental services arm, renting out systems of

different configurations. On the flip side, Sogo is still a regional player with

all its revenues coming from the south.


Rank - 173 : Sogo Computers


l CMD: Jayamuni Rao l Start up

Year: 1991 l Products & Services: Distribution of IT hardware, packaged

software and rental services l Address: 11/9, Hayes Court, 2nd Floor (off

Richmond Road), Bengaluru 560 025 l Employees: 200 l Tel: 080 4143 0300 l

Fax: 080 2212 0641 l Website: