Rank - 170 : Google India

DQI Bureau
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Google earned much flak for its Street-View capture, but India remained

relatively free of controversies except periodic misrepresentations on Google

Map or objectionable content on YouTube. Google continued its focus on the rural

push and local languages and extended the reach of its Internet bus, which has

now traveled through four major states. It also made its SME chase clear by

launching a data-rich dashboard and free online ad campaigns for them. The India

highlight, however was the live IPL streaming on YouTube, that generated much


Rank - 170 : Google India


l MD: Shailesh Rao l Start-up

Year: 2004 l Products & Services: Software and application development l

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Floors, Bengaluru 560 016 l Tel: 080 6721 8989 l Fax: 080 5692 9100 l