Rank 154: Modi Peripherals

Supplier of various government departments–the strongest growth driver
Grew 7% to touch Ts 30 crore in revenues
CEO: Shyam
Modi l Start-up Year: 1987
l Products & Service:
Hardware, peripherals, software
l Agency Operations:
LG, Maple, HP, Samsung, Intel, Seagate l Employees:
50 l Address: 103,
Skipper Corner, 88, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019 l Tel:
6461229 l Fax:

Modi Peripheals has been growing fast for some time now, but fiscal 2001-02
proved to be slow–it grew by a sedate 7%. The company has been in the computer
market for 20 years and has offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Jabalpur. It is also a
registered supplier of various government departments and corporates. The last–government
supplies–has been the driving force for the company’s revenues. It is this
segment that has been giving the company a majority of its revenues, as also in
the year under review.

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