Rank - 146 : Zicom Electronic Security Systems

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The growing demand for surveillance products in the government sector

benefited Zicom, till it decided to sell off its institutional business to

Schneider Electric. Subsequently, Zicom shifted focus mid market and SOHO

companies. It activated 2,000 IT resellers including new regional distributors

like Shwetha Computers and Verde Systems. The profit from the Schneider sell off

was invested in renewable energy and servicing aeroplane parts. It continued to

sell home security equipment and provide technology to smaller offices through

its retail arm.


Rank - 146 : Zicom Electronic Security Systems


l CEO: Santonu Choudhury l

Start-up Year: 1994 l Products & Services: Physical security solutions l

Address: Zicom Electronic Security Systems 501, 5th Floor, C Block, Imperial

Tower, Commercial Complex, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi 110 028 l Tel: 011 3256

3811 l Fax: 011 2577 8136 l Website: