Rank 1 - vCustomer : The Hat Trick

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No company in the history of Dataquest-IDC best employer surveysIT or BPOhas

achieved what vCustomer hasa Hat Trick of the Numero Uno position. And for the

first two years, it did not even have a senior HR leader in the team!


The consistent performance of vCustomer in our survey challenges many a

myths. The most important is, of course, that there is a strong correlation of

employee satisfaction with size and/or growth. On both these fronts, vCustomer

loses out to many of the other known names in Indian BPO. In terms of brand

marketing too, vCustomer is way behind companies of its size. Yet, something

somewhere has worked for the company if its employees have voted it to feature

in the top three in most of the major parameters of the survey.

A large part of the credit goes to the CEOs beliefsomewhat iconoclastic,

thoughthat big bang marketing has little role to play in attracting and

retaining employees. On the other hand, it was one of the first companies to

automate employee processesespecially support functions. It not only

streamlined the back-end tasks resulting in process efficiency but helped

employees in terms of quickly addressing their regular issues, thus enhancing

individual productivity and hence organizational efficiency.

The only area that vCustomer failed to make to the top three is training. In

most of the questions related to training, vCustomer employees did not rate

their company too highly, relatively speaking. This is the second straight year

that vCustomer has less than a stellar performance in this area.


Rank 1 - vCustomer

Sanjay Kumar, CEO

The company interprets this as a string of feedbacks from employees which, it

says, are now demanding development. This has promted the company to hire a

senior level person to head the HR function.

As the company makes strong inroads in the Indian domestic market, it is

trying to keep its HR standards the same in this division as well. It is hopeful

that its solution-centric model in the domestic market would mean a better

career path for employees.