Ram Ramalingam joins Infoglen as CMO

Infoglen is an advanced Salesforce Consulting Partner specializing in delivering high-quality, custom solutions to organizations across industries

Infoglen announced that it has onboarded Ram Ramalingam as its Chief Marketing Officer to help ramp up its goals around strategy, branding and digital. In over 6-years, Infoglen has garnered a reputation in the Salesforce consulting space in North America by winning turnkey innovation projects for the Fortune 500 / S&P 100 clients like Google, Rapid-7, et al. and in the SMB segment as well, said a statement from the company.

“Infoglen has been adding immense business value to our clients and growing organically at around 35% CAGR for over 6-years. So, what we really needed is a strong storyteller — a maverick marketing leader to help us plan our go-to-market, build our brand, help expand our business to new geographies, and help achieve a key vision of building a Digital Center of Excellence”, said Haroon Ahmad, co-founder and CEO, Inflogen.

Ram Ramalingam was quoted saying: “Infoglen has proven expertise in deploying highly advanced & custom Salesforce solutions and adding strategic value to organizations of all sizes. I’m honored by the faith placed in me by the Infoglen executives; I’m excited to be on board this ship to propagate our story in the marketplace, and to grow the Infoglen brand globally with the power of data, marketing & digital. Also, Infoglen’s founders are ex-Google leaders, which translates to a transparent and agile org culture — something I really respect!”

“We’re ecstatic to onboard Ram as our first C-level executive from outside of Infoglen, who will help us get to great heights with his deep expertise in marketing, branding & leadership. We love his energy, enthusiasm and passion for excellence — which resonates perfectly with Infoglen’s own culture & DNA” said Saba Ahmad, co-founder and COO at Infoglen.

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