Zenith Tight Margins, Slow Going

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  • Sold around 60,000 units
  • Posted a revenue of Rs 250 crore
  • Tied up with IBM, Seagate, Intel and Microsoft.

For a PC company that aims to be India’s

answer to Dell, Zenith grew only marginally, by 10%, in fiscal 1999-00, posting

a turnover of Rs 250 crore.

Zenith aimed to reach the number-one

slot, but still is a long way from de-throning HCL from the number one position.

It sold around 60,000 units in the last fiscal, a marginal increase over

1998-99. Of the total Rs 250 crore revenue, Rs 198 crore accrued from sales of

its own PCs. It continued to maintain its strength in the home PC segment. In

the branded home PC market, it was second only to HCL, which turned out to be

the biggest revenue earner.


focused on the banking, government and home segments, and expanded its dealer

network, which touched the 500 mark. The government sector contributed

approximately 11%. Fiscal 1999-00 also saw the launch of new products like

Infotainer, which was aimed at the consumer market, and Zenith’s own branded

notebooks for the corporate

market. The company continued to focus on banking and finance, which together
contributed approximately

11% to the revenue.


Zenith gained from tie-ups with MNCs

like IBM, HP, Epson, Seagate, Fujitsu, Intel, Microsoft, Lotus,

Novell and AT&T.

Peripherals contributed 3% to the revenue–approximately Rs 9 crore–while
networking brought in just 1%. Zenith sold Rs 15 crore worth of PC servers,

while desktop sales raked in Rs 179 crore.

Last fiscal also witnessed a major brand-building

exercise by Zenith. And with mobile computing touted as the next wave in the

internet age, it would be interesting to watch Zenith’s strategy in the coming

years. The company intends to focus on selling traditional 'beige boxes' rather

than mobile computing devices.

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