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  • Shorter time to market due to its manufacturing plant in Goa
  • 64% revenues from low-end products like NICs, hubs and modems
  • Major focus on broadband this fiscal.

While other players in the networking

space focused on the higher end, D-link targeted the low-end NIC, hub and

dial-up modem segments and achieved great results.

D-link’s growth was an impressive 97%

in the last fiscal. This was amazing, as these market segments were quite flat

during the period. As per DATAQUEST estimates, NICs grew by 6%, hubs by 10% and

dial-up modems by 30%, but the company clocked close to 100% growth in these

segments, which constituted about 60-65% of the total turnover.


played a very important role as reflected in the company’s channel

relationships. It has about 25 distributors, 300 plus dealer outfits and 3,000

plus resellers spread across the length and breadth of the country. With this

strong channel network, and with its manufacturing plant in Goa, the company

ensured a shorter time to market. The company has a capacity to manufacture

about 50,000 NICs and about 10,000 hubs of various types per month.



also made foray into the high-end router/RAS and switches market in the last

fiscal. The switches segment clocked about Rs 17 crore while the router/RAS

business was just Rs 2 crore.


company set up a global R&D center at its manufacturing facility, and plans

to further shorten the time to market. It also plans to add more assembly lines

and increase its capacity. However the big plan of the company is to focus on

broadband, and to incorporate ISDN and leased-line connectivity along with DSL

and cable modems. Though the major revenues are still expected from the low

margin but voluminous strategy, the company intends to have a broad spectrum of

products spanning all segments of the industry. 

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