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  • Among top 10 solution providers
  • Sold Compaq products worth Rs 39 crore
  • 90% revenues came from domestic market.

In fiscal 1999-00, CMS grew at an rate

lower than in 1998-99. It grossed an annual turnover of Rs 317 crore, at a

growth rate of 18% at the end of the last fiscal. It had grown at the rate of

25% in 1998-99.

CMS is a leading third-party

maintenance company in the private sector. It supports desktops, servers and

networks and maintains more than 30,000 machines of its brands, providing

24-hour logistics facilities, phone and field support. Some of its customers

include ABN-Amro, Citibank, Philips, Housing

Development Finance Corp, National Stock Exchange, Reliance, Bank of America and

Wipro. With its expertise in supporting clients in heterogeneous environments in

a cost-effective manner, CMS plans to dominate those markets.

CMS offered systems and network

integration services for telecom, banking, manufacturing and service

industries. These included internet and intranet infrastructure, ERP, banking

automation, mail and messaging systems, and infrastructure management solutions.

The company, which is among the top 10 solution providers, aims for the top slot

in the next couple of years.


sold Compaq-related products worth Rs 39 crore. It earned 90% of its revenues

from the domestic market–Rs 285 crore–which was not much compared to the

1998-99 figure. Systems contributed 36% to the turnover, notching Rs 114 crore

against Rs 109 crore in 1998-99. Fiscal 1999-2000 also saw patterns similar to

those in the previous year, reflecting the company’s inability to capitalize

on opportunities thrown up by ecommerce and internet service providers.

Networking raked in Rs 59 crore of the overall revenue. The peripherals segment

too saw a decline–from Rs 46 crore in 1998-99 to Rs 40 crore in the last

fiscal. The company continued to provide training in hardware, networking and

systems integration, which contributed Rs 20 crore to the total revenue. DQ

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