Quantum Unveils New F-Series NVMe Storage Platform for Cutting Edge Media Workflows

With the new Quantum Cloud Storage Platform and the StorNext file system the F-Series delivers powerful end-to-end storage capabilities

Quantum Corp announced the F-Series, a new line of NVMe storage arrays designed for performance, availability and reliability. Using non-volatile memory express (NVMe) flash drives for ultra-fast reads and writes, it supports massive parallel processing and is designed for studio editing, rendering, and other performance-intensive workloads utilizing large unstructured datasets.

Jamie Lerner, President and CEO, Quantum, said “This is the most significant product launch we’ve done in years, not only because our F-Series product line will enable our customers in media to produce more great hi-def content faster over IP networks, but because the F-Series is the first product line based on the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform.  This platform is a stepping stone for us and for our customers, to move to a more software-defined, hyperconverged architecture, and is at the core of additional products we will be introducing later this year.”

Incorporating the latest Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) networking technology, the F-Series provides direct access between workstations and the NVMe storage devices, delivering predictable, fast network performance. By combining these hardware features with the new Quantum Cloud Storage Platform and the StorNext file system the F-Series delivers powerful end-to-end storage capabilities for post-production houses, broadcasters, and other rich media environments.

Tom Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates, said “NVMe-based solid state drive solutions are making their way into modern workflows to support the performance demands of 8K+ high frame rate video production. Quantum’s F-Series provides a valuable contribution to this transition to NVMe solutions. Combined with StorNext and its out-of-band metadata management, the F-Series provides storage tiering, content protection and diverse software defined management capabilities that should be well received by the media and entertainment industry.”

The first product in the F-Series is the Quantum F2000, a highly available and performant storage server, purpose built for NVMe. The F2000 is a 2U, dual node server with two hot-swappable compute canisters and up to 24 dual-ported NVMe drives.  Each compute canister can access all 24 NVMe drives, and includes processing power, memory, and connectivity specifically designed for the highest performance and availability.

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