Qlik Visualize Your World Events Bring the Power of Analytics to the Road

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Qlik announced that it has kicked off its annual Visualize Your World events, which will be taking place in 27 cities across the globe over three months. The events are expected to attract over 15,000 registrants across the APAC, EMEA and Americas.


Qlik’s Visualize Your World conferences are a unique opportunity for delegates to find out about the latest developments and best practices in data analytics. Attendees will learn how Qlik’s cloud-ready analytics platform delivers value and how Qlik is building on its patented Associative Difference™ to drive a new wave of analytics that allows you to augment your intelligence across all your data, people, and ideas. Attendees will also hear from and interact with Qlik Executives, Qlik Product Experts, Qlik Customers, Qlik Partners, and their peers, to get an understanding of opportunities and challenges within different stages of the analytics journey. Customers such as Anjoy Foods, ANZ Bank, Bay of Plenty District Health Board NZ, Escorts Group, Honda, Indian Oil Corporation, Qantas, SISTIC Singapore and Subaru will present use cases ranging from reporting to guided analytics, to self-service analysis, to embedded analytics, and custom applications.

"Following a tremendously successful 2016 Tour, we are excited to once again host these events to connect with people in the region who are passionate in learning more about the biggest technology trends in the data analytics space and how blending machine learning with human intuition and creativity creates a multiplier effect for their businesses,” said Julian Quinn, Vice President, APAC, Qlik. “At Qlik, we strive to drive a pervasive analytics culture by placing the people within businesses at the heart of decision-making. We see the future of big data to be less about the magnitude of accessible information and more on deriving the relevant combinations. Through our single, intuitive platform that supports the integration of data – big and small – across disparate data sources, we empower every individual to discover and unlock previously untapped insights to put forth a complete and contextualised 360-view business case in a timely and accurate fashion.”

The Visualize Your World events will showcase the latest innovations from Qlik, including Qlik® Sense September 2017 the newest version of the company’s scalable, high-performance, self-service and cloud-ready platform, Qlik Sense® Cloud and Qlik Sense® Cloud Business, an easy-to-adopt, subscription-based service for groups and businesses, to create, manage and share analytics and access the power of the Associative Difference™ in the cloud. The events also will feature the newest edition to the Qlik portfolio – Qlik GeoAnalytics™ -- both Qlik Sense® and QlikView® users can easily add maps to their apps with automatic geo-data lookup to reveal crucial spatial information and then overlay them with different visualisations to see the whole story in their data and the Qlik® Analytics Platform, designed specifically for developers to build data-driven applications.

In addition to Qlik product demonstrations, the events will include updates on the company’s product roadmap first presented at Qonnections 2017. There will also be keynote presentations from Qlik executives as well as breakout and best practice sessions with experts, partners and customers. The keynote address will focus on examining the three key realities that will keep human intelligence at the core of decision making and consider a future where the hybridisation of machine and human decisions is a given.

Cloudera, a key technology partner will also be speaking at the event. “We are living in an age where customers are more informed than ever before and expect personalized experiences at every touch point. With integrated solutions that offer machine learning and analytics, organizations can now derive more accurate and timely insights from their data to reach their consumers in the most meaningful way possible. Our collaboration with Qlik has helped organizations to accelerate big data ROI and data-driven decisions and we look forward to sharing our joint successes at Qlik’s Visualize Your World conferences.” said Mark Micallef, vice president, Asia Pacific and Japan at Cloudera.

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