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QAD Unveils QAD Adaptive Applications and QAD Adaptive ERP

QAD has also rebranded its three divisions, each of which supplies solutions in the Adaptive Applications portfolio

QAD announced at its Explore customer conference that its solution portfolio will now be called QAD Adaptive Applications. In addition, QAD’s flagship ERP solution has been renamed QAD Adaptive ERP.

“We wanted a name that accurately and precisely reflects the value we bring to our manufacturing customers,” said QAD Chief Executive Officer Anton Chilton. “In today’s business environment, consumer demands and advanced technologies are combining to disrupt entire industries. Manufacturers need agile enterprise systems that can be rapidly deployed and provide an ability to continuously adapt to changing business models; what they make, how they make it and how they deliver it. Legacy ERPs struggle to provide the requisite level of speed and agility. We have designed our solutions to help manufacturers respond rapidly to changing business conditions, and leverage those disruptions into business advantage. QAD Adaptive Applications provides greater fit for today and the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s requirements, helping manufacturers become Agile, Effective Enterprises.”

QAD Adaptive Applications is headlined by QAD Adaptive ERP featuring the Adaptive User Experience (UX) and built on the QAD Enterprise Platform. QAD’s portfolio of adaptive solutions also includes a number of related solutions including QAD Supplier Portal, QAD Cloud EDI and QAD Automation Solutions, all of which integrate seamlessly with QAD Adaptive ERP. Whether a manufacturer needs supplier relationship management, eInvoicing, EDI, trade management, supply chain planning, demand planning, transportation execution or other enterprise solutions, QAD Adaptive Applications offers a proven set of solutions purpose-built for manufacturers and the changing requirements they face.

QAD has also rebranded its three divisions, each of which supplies solutions in the Adaptive Applications portfolio. Precision Software, which provides global trade management and transportation execution software, has been renamed QAD Precision. DynaSys, a provider of demand and supply chain planning solutions, becomes QAD DynaSys. CEBOS, which produces enterprise quality and compliance management solutions, has been renamed QAD CEBOS.

“We expect that QAD Adaptive Applications will provide our customers with a foundation that will last for years to come, and we will continue to build on it with emerging technologies in areas like machine learning, data lakes and digital twins,” said Chilton. “With QAD Adaptive ERP, our customers have a next-generation cloud ERP system that is built for that change, and will adapt to evolving requirements enabling manufacturers to run their operations effectively using industry best practices delivered by QAD.”

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