PwC India Introduces New Approach to Consulting 

PwC India launched its global consulting approach BXT in India. An acronym for Business, eXperience and Technology, BXT derives its advantage from the power of perspective, which is by viewing a client problem from multiple lenses and placing human-centric design at the heart of its solutions. This methodology is particularly effective in the case of large-scale projects that range from strategy to execution.

The BXT platform is built on the philosophy of collaboration, openness and experimentation that enables organisations to connect the dots between a comprehensive and executable business strategy, a well-designed end-user experience, and the application of the appropriate technology. Using this methodology, organisations can work around some of the common challenges associated with large-scale business transformations.

“Every industry today is facing disruption in some form or the other, which has led to a marked shift in expectations from customers,” said Sudhir Singh Dungarpur, Partner and Leader, Digital Services, PwC India. “Solving business challenges today requires companies to introspect and adopt a multidisciplinary perspective when addressing problems. By leveraging our business, design, and tech expertise, we help clients drive holistic and meaningful business transformation by placing the human component at the centre of problem solving.”

The BXT method was conceived based on a survey conducted by PwC which found that almost 70% of all global digital transformations fail, despite an increase in digital acquisitions and the purchase of new technology. The reasons for this failure include:

  • Adopting a siloed approach toward problem solving
  • Introducing new processes or technologies without understanding the human component
  • Investing in capabilities that don’t meet needs
  • An inability to attract the right talent to execute the transformation

Using the BXT methodology, PwC’s global clients have seen rapid adoption of new products and services by employees and customers, increased employee productivity and greater efficiencies in the supply chain, ultimately resulting in better business outcomes. At the centre of this method is PwC’s Digital Experience Centre, where teams comprising business strategists, experience designers, data scientists and technologists work alongside clients and users to brainstorm, test and co-create new solutions.

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