PTron unveils ‘Viki’ Bluetooth Sunglasses at INR 999/-

PTron, the mobile accessories brand unveils “Viki”, Bluetooth headphone sunglasses for men and women. PTron brings to you an exciting new product which gives you a sporty look to flaunt by adding a classy touch to it. Through this, PTron broadens its range of headphones in the audio segment and this is in line with PTron’s strategy of continuously innovating and introducing unique products to meet rapidly changing customer needs and demands. As per a report, earphones and headphones market is projected to witness over 5% CAGR from 2017 to 2024 due to the convenience and comfort offered by the technology.

PTron Viki is exclusively available on priced attractively at just INR 999/-. Such a Bluetooth enabled sunglasses is Ideal for outdoor sports addicts, runners, cyclists, hikers, backpackers to weekend warriors to the less intense, friends and family looking to enjoy and participate in life’s moments.

10,000 pieces of the stylish PTron Viki have already been sold in first three days of pre-launch of which huge number of orders came from South India. A majority of the purchase has been dominated by the youth with 43% of the PTron Viki being purchased by Gen Z and 40% by Millennials. Gen Z youth and Millennials are aware of a tech savvy lifestyle and they prefer online shopping over other daily routines. Gen Z possess an extreme individuality of character and the seamless comfort with online shopping which has led to Gen Z crafting their own idea of ‘MyLuxury’—where supposed brand value is trumped by quality, value and personal excitement based on individual choices and what brands mean to them personally. Hence they are one of the major buyers for this practical, versatile and efficient sunglass with a Bluetooth enabled phone & music support.

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