PSI Data Systems

PSI Data Systems ended the year in #17 slot, sustaining the performance of
the previous earlier year thanks to a restructuring exercise. The company closed
its January-December 2000 fiscal year with revenues of Rs 83.02 crore, up 39%
over the previous close. Net profit stood at Rs 18.23 crore, up 75%. The company
is placed at #28 in sales, #22 in profits and #37 in gross block. PSI was ranked
at #3 in ROCE, which stood at 51%, against 59% last year. Until recently, the
Bull Group held 51% in the company, which it recently sold off to Birla Group
company Indian Rayon. PSI Data Systems provides software services and solutions
in the area of banking, finance, the Internet, client-server, telecom and

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