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Prysm Unleashes Enterprise Collaboration Breakthroughs with New Software Features

Prysm has announced new functionality for its digital workplace platform. The offering will support enterprises looking to execute on new revenue opportunities and save money in productivity through collaboration agility regardless of location, device or individual employee application preferences. Today’s release demonstrates Prysm’s commitment to providing its customers with innovative collaboration technology that drives employee efficiency and productivity.

The new features include:

· Co-browsing – allows all Prysm participants accessing content via an approved mobile device to view and interact with web content. Prysm is the first to offer web application co-browsing among teams, enabling all users to make edits while empowering the content owner to monitor permissions and even view content in a secure manner. Co-browsing brings web-based applications to Prysm workspaces via the mobile interface for the first time, further building out Prysm’s virtual meeting room offering in bringing meeting content to any device at any time by enhancing the collaboration experience for both in-room and remote participants.

“Co-browsing feature is long awaited by software designers and developers in innovation centers in India. Co-browsing enables designers to simulate, share and collaborate with engineers across boundaries with codes running side by side. “Said GB Kumar, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Prysm Inc..

· Quick Start with video conference integration – enables employees to access Prysm’s digital workplace platform without logging in to provide an instant start to meetings. It brings together content and advanced video conferencing into a single experience, including rooms equipped with advanced video conferencing solutions that are underutilized due to their complexity and lack of interoperability. Quick Start integration with video conferencing is expected to be generally available in fall 2017. It will integrate with existing video conference codecs from Cisco, Polycom, and Logitech, among others, as well as unified communications solutions like Skype for Business to maximize current technology investments and offer key improvements to the meeting experience. These improvements make many use cases possible, such as:

o A user can quickly place and control the basic call settings of a video conference call using the Prysm on-screen experience with no need for extra wires or hardware in the room.

o Participants can be alerted to an incoming call, with options to accept or decline to easily join an existing meeting.

o Users can share mobile device content or Prysm sketchboard content with call participants.

· Prysm’s new mobile user interface (UI) – makes the mobile experience of the Prysm digital workplace platform faster, simpler and more personalized. The new UI provides additional search and browsing capabilities to easily access and navigate through projects and preview workspace content. Prysm tools, including sticky notes and annotations, were also updated. In addition, the solution now provides other impactful experiences, such as notifying a user of other participants in a project space for quick meeting start and team interaction.

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