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Tekram Technology Co Ltd
Turnover 1997: $80 million
Projected 1998 Turnover: $120 million
Contact: Meihui Tsai/Chia Wen
Tel: 886-2-26987777
Fax: 886-2-26987799

Started in 1990, Tekram, a
research-oriented company, is positioned as an innovative company in the fields of PC
mainboards, multimedia and storage technology. The company today writes its own firmware,
software and device drivers. Disk Cache Controllers, EISA 486 Mainboard and Local Bus 486
Mainboard are the evidence.

In Tekram’s product marketing strategy,
promotion of its own non-Intel slot 1 compatible chipset is a key focus area. P6Pro A5 is
pegged as the best choice for Pentium II users. Company officials claim that it is a
cost-effective product for most market segments and also performs well when used with
Celeron CPUs. Tekram is seeking to transform the industry’s most advanced technology into
high performance and useful product for consumers.

Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd
Turnover 1997: $220 million
Projected Turnover 1998: $280 million
Contact: Darryl Chan/Amanda Lin
Tel: 886-2-29184839
Fax: 886-2-29158867

For Gigabyte, 1998 has been and is a very
important year. A listing in the Taiwan Stock Exchange Market is what the company regards
as the highlight of the year. Also in 1998, the company became an Intel Direct Account,
thus having the advantage of pre-design testing and layout. Gigabyte has established a
good network of branch offices and partners. And in the past two years, has exported over
4.5 million units of motherboards worldwide.

With a breakthrough in technology plus
worldwide patent of ACOPS (Automatic CPU Overheating Prevention System) and SIV (System
Information Viewer), Gigabyte is continuing development of new products such as VGA cards,
LAN, modem and sound card and I/O to incorporate into motherboards. The company attributes
its success to cost effectiveness, smooth delivery, vertical integration and, last but not
least, as its Chairman says, “A company’s success can’t be accomplished by a one-man

I Will Corporation
Turnover 1997: NA
Projected Turnover 1998: NA
Contact: Irene Shih/Joseph Lee
Tel: 886-2-2299-9897
Fax: 886-2-2299-9838

I Will started its operations in 1987 and
since then has remained in the forefront of SCSI solutions market in Taiwan. ‘Make things
Happen’ has been the stated spirit of the company. A strong R&D and a well-coordinated
team of firmware engineers drawing up interdepartmental resources have helped in
develop-ing competitive motherboards for I Will.

The current annual capacity is 450,000
units of motherboards. SCSI and I/O cards has reached 300,000 pieces. I Will’s BD 500 has
also received accolades from the media worldwide for being the ‘Best Mainboard’ in 1998.
‘End User Most Benefit’ is the prime focus area of the company which works closely with
the PC industry leaders like Intel, Microsoft and some other major industry associations
that play an important role in defining PC trends.

ABIT Computer Corp
Turnover 1997: $120 million
Projected Turnover 1998: NA
Contact: Florance Shih/KC Tung
Tel: 886-2-2698-1888
Fax: 886-2-2698-1811

Currently amongst the top five motherboard
manufactures in Taiwan, ABIT’s goal for the year 2000 is to make its place among the top
three. The company’s growth in terms of sales revenue has been high-at nearly 50%. ABIT is
a chip developing partner and beta test site for Intel, SiS, AMD and Cyrix. Currently,
ABIT is in the process of developing new technology in the high-end server market.

The company has in its fold the world’s
first CPU jumperless mainboard, with the Soft Menu option CPU set-up, a change in
parameter is easy. This technology allows novice users to upgrade their computer to a
faster CPU without reading the manuals. Abit plans to expand its production lines and
assembling space in the coming years and also is in the process of becoming a public
listed company of TAIEX, the Taiwanese Stock Exchange.

A-Trend Technology Co Ltd
Turnover 1997: $162 million
Projected Turnover 1998: $320 million
Contact: Felix Chuang/Jennifer Lin
Tel: 886-2-2698-2199
Fax: 886-2-2698-2369

A-Trend’s total production capacity touches
250,000 units per month. The company plans to add two more additional production lines
increase the capacity to 400,000 units per month. With a focus on perfection and AQA
(A-Trend Quality Assurance) the company assures its customers a defect free product

A-Trend also provides a comprehensive
solution, ranging from VGA cards and sound cards to network adapters. For network
communication users, high-speed 56K modem, LAN cards and SOHO hubs are also there. The
company has extended its coverage of emerging markets by working with local distributors.
It is now developing an NC and Set-top boxes to cater to the non-professional users.

Kye Systems Corp
Turnover 1997: $141 million
Projected Turnover 1998: NA
Contact: Jean Hung
Tel: 886-2-29956645
Fax: 886-2-29956649

A small computer retailer in Taiwan in
1983, Kye Systems is today a global player. Started with a meager capital of $40,000, its
revenues now amount to $141 million. The company basically operates in the niche area of
mouse manufacture.

Major achievements this year include launch
of the scrolling NetMouse. Release of 5-port PCI hub was another highlight of the year.
The expanded production capacity is said to be a very important step toward meeting the
global demand for mouse. Apart from mice, Kye also manufactures scanners. Its vision is to
become a leader in peripherals segment by the year 2000.

First International Computer Inc
Turnover 1997: $1.2 billion
Projected Turnover 1998: NA
Contact: Richard Brown/Kai C Chang
Tel: 886-2-27153670
Fax: 886-2-25451585

Established in 1980, First International
Computers Inc (FIC) has grown into a $1.2-billion organization, with over 4,500 employees
worldwide. Today, FIC designs and manufactures products that include motherboards, PCs and
communication solutions. In addition to the PC business, FIC is also among the Taiwan’s
important testing and packaging facilities.

Leo Systems Inc, a part of the FIC Group,
designs and manufactures desktops and notebook computers, including the Persica series. In
India, Persica 1000 and 2000 series will be a major focus area in the coming months.

Over 45% of FIC’s revenues come from
motherboard, 30% from PCs and 19% from notebooks. The world’s first sub-$1,000 PC was made
possible by FIC.

FIC Power House today has a capacity of
over 800,000 motherboards and 500,000 systems and 80,000 notebooks for Q4 of 1998. Its
manufacturing facilities are reported to be the best in Asia. Currently, FIC has a total
of 10,9731 sqm of manufacturing space in 13 facilities worldwide. FIC is planning to open
a new manufacturing plant in China to provide OEM customers with manufacturing and
warehousing facilities. It plans to continue development in products and technologies and
providing customers with total computing solutions.

Taiwan Mycomp Company Ltd
Turnover 1997: NA
Projected Turnover 1998: NA
Contact: Leon Lau/Stven Wolf
Tel: 886-2-2782-0201
Fax: 886-2-2782-2131

Starting operations in 1983, TMC has to its
credit the honor of being the first company in Taiwan to ship Pentium motherboards in June
1994. With Corporate HQ in Taiwan and affiliated companies in USA, Canada, New Zealand,
Germany and the UK, TMC is a global player in the motherboard market.

It has strategic tie-ups with global
leaders such as IBM, Intel etc. The manufacturing facility is capable of producing up to
200K motherboards every month. The company recently launched integrated, Intelligent I/O
using Intel’s i960rp processor. Plans are there to launch T15TT motherboard.

Lucky Star
Turnover 1997: $230 million
Projected Turnover 1998: $280 million
Contact: Amy Chueh/ Cecilia Huang Fu
Tel: 886-2-22990222
Fax: 886-2-22982374

The competency of Lucky Star lies in its
R&D activities, competitive pricing and excellent service. With advance manufacturing
facility and efficient production management, the company has achieved a monthly output of
180,000 main boards. Its key marketing strategy is to strengthen its customer’s
competitiveness. The company is reputed for its after-sales services which is up to two
years free warranty, including one-to-one replacement in the first six months.

Lucky Star’s R&D focus is to continue
the development of products based on state-of-the-art technology and meeting ISO 9002
quality standards. Its goal is to grow at an annual rate of 30% and become one of the top
three motherboard manufacturers in the world by the year 2000.

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