Project Management Skills in High Demand: All You Need to Know

Organisations use project management to provide consistent results, cut costs, increase efficiencies, and boost customer satisfaction

Supriya Rai
New Update

Project Management Skills

In today's dynamic global economy, where change is the only constant, project management has emerged as a key growth driver. Project managers expertly arrange tasks, activities, and resources to generate value and deliver business outcomes, making them vital to the success of any organisation.


The Significance of Project Management

Project management is essential to all we do, and today's work is divided into projects. It offers a disciplined framework for performing activities, meeting objectives, and adding value. Project management is critical to project success, whether producing software, delivering essential infrastructure projects, managing innovation and change management programmes, or responding to natural disasters.

According to research, $1 million is wasted every 20 seconds by organisations worldwide as a result of bad project management practices. Organisations use project management to provide consistent results, cut costs, increase efficiencies, and boost customer and stakeholder satisfaction. It enables higher value creation and business outcomes.


Meeting Global Demand

As we approach the project economy, there is an increased demand for skilled project management specialists. Organisations worldwide recognise project management's strategic significance in driving change, innovation, and overall success. According to research by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's foremost authority on project management, 25 million workers will be required to cover all project management-related professions by 2030. By 2030, India would need to fill 4.1 million project management-related positions. As a result, it is a profitable career option for those looking to provide value and make an impact. Even for present employees, project management is a career skill that can help them grow, learn, and contribute to their current organisation.

Industries Embracing Project Management


At a macro level, if you look at the various industries contributing to India's growth, you'll notice projects in every sector. Project performance shapes the country's growth story from information technology to manufacturing. Project managers are becoming increasingly valuable across industries in a world where projects are the driving force behind business evolution. From the IT sector in India, expected to produce 300,000 new jobs, to healthcare, manufacturing, infrastructure, and energy, industries are experiencing a rise in digital initiatives, with project management professionals at the forefront of innovation.

The growing breadth of project management extends beyond traditional project-oriented industries. The profession has found a niche in professional services, where project managers encourage innovation and efficiency. This adaptability demonstrates the diversity of project management as a profession.

PMP Certification: Prove Yourself

The PMP recognises applicants who excel at managing people, processes, and business priorities in professional projects. The PMP is intended to identify project managers who have demonstrated project leadership experience and ability across various work approaches. This is evident in the job market, where PMI data shows that a PMP-certified expert earns roughly one-third more than their non-certified counterparts.

To get the PMP certification, a project manager must meet specific criteria and pass a 180-question exam. Each test question was created by project leaders for project leaders and is based on real-life project management experiences.