Project management plays a crucial role in IT

What are the challenges for project management in the
reviving economy?
With the economic changes that have occurred over the last year, its
anticipated that project managers may be asked to tighten their budgets, and try
and get the work done more quickly with fewer resources. It has never been more
important in project management to avoid costly delays and cut costs wherever
possible. Its also important not to sacrifice quality in the final product for
the sake of saving money. Project managers will have to figure out what can be
trimmed, without affecting productivity.

Where do you see project management in the Indian IT
The biggest revenue provider to the Indian IT industry is the IT services or
export segment. Success is defined by the ability of the organization to deliver
projects on time, within budgets as per the defined scope. It is also evident
from the fact that a majority of the members of the PMI community come from the
IT industry.

What role does a software developer play in project
A software developer as a person is either in the role of a team member or a
team leader. In either case, having the knowledge of PM would assist him/her to
plan and execute the project well. A software developer as a company provides
tools which assist the PM in automating reporting and monitoring, and also in
doing analysis.

How many project managers do you estimate will India
require in the next five years? How is PMI addressing this issue?

PMI India has recently commissioned a research on this, and results are expected
in a months time. Going by the global figure of 20 mn practitioners and Indias
economic growth plans, it is expected that India will need many more PMs than
available now. PMI India charter is advocacy within the government,
organization, and academia.

What are the changes you have noticed in the IT
With the globalization of the Indian IT Industry, the delivery centers of
the organizations are across India, and in many cases across countries. This
requires project team members to be able to speak a common lexicon.

What is your recipe for a successful IT Project?
What needs to be asked is not only if the project has been completed as per
scope, but also whether the project has met the end customers requirement (in
most cases it may be a customers customer).

Abhigna NG/CIOL

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