Progate Releases Programming Learning App “Progate” for iOS/Android Users

Progate, Japan’s biggest online platform where students learn modern programming skills, announced the release of their programming learning mobile app “Progate” for both iOS and Android users, worldwide.

With over 300,000 users across Asia, Progate identifies India as one of the key markets in the region and is the first country outside of Japan to have a dedicated workforce for Progate. With an aim to upskill current workforces and prepare students for developer-focused careers, Progate has been engaging with educational institutions including the Indian Institute of Technology and other top-tier engineering colleges in the country through the Progate Ambassador Community program. The program aims at making students job-ready by equipping them with modern tools to learn and execute programming. The company currently offers special pricing for students in India. A certificate of completion is also being exclusively offered to users of the Progate web service in India.

“Progate is the best solution for those who are interested in learning to code but do not know how to start.  Unlike conventional programming quiz apps, we offer a practical learning experience that will help users build full-stack applications. “We are very pleased to release this app to help beginners all over the world, especially in talent-rich markets like India, learn to code in a fun way.” said, Masa Kato, CEO of Progate.

The newly released app enables users to learn practical programming skills with ease. Users can now also practice coding on smartphone-optimized drill screens and keyboards.  This service is unprecedented in the world and aims at assisting beginners with no coding experience, followed by the Progate web version for users who want to accelerate their coding journey.

Features of the Progate app:

  • Intuitive slides with descriptive images that enable users to easily grasp the information and learn at their own pace
  • Smartphone-optimized practice screens and keyboards
  • A real-time preview of your code
  • A learning experience as enjoyable as a game

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  1. MyFSTech says:

    Just Wowww for this awesome Progate App!!!! I love programming !! A must have app for everyone who loves programming

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