New Launches from HP
Hewlett Packard has unveiled its new product line up in the digital
printing, personal mobile, notebook, and desktop computing space at its regional
consumer launch event at Singapore. Of the four product categories, the printing
space grabbed most of the attention, with over 13 models launched in this
category. The company further launched its new range of personal mobile and
desktop computing products for both personal and professional use by consumers.

Aspire 4920 from Acer
Acer India has announced the launch of the its Aspire 4920 for the Indian
market. The new Acer Aspire 4920 from the Gemstone series is equipped with the
Vista Home Premium OS and is geared for impressive on-the-go performance and

Dell Launches MD3000i
Dell has announced the launch of MD3000i, a simplified storage consolidation
solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized customers to meet
their storage needs. The Dell MD3000i is an easy-to-use, expandable iSCSI SAN
array leveraging the modularity and availability of the Dell modular disk

USB Stick Tool from TI
Texas Instruments (TI) has announced a new tool for designing embedded
systems that combines ultra-low-power MSP430 microcontrollers (MCU) with
wireless communications. At the low cost of $49, TIs new eZ430-RF2500
development tool, packaged in a USB stick form factor, offers two radio
frequency (RF)-enabled microcontroller target boards and a PC debugging

Cisco Launches ME 3400 24FS
Cisco has announced its ME 3400 24FS, an enhancement to the Carrier Ethernet
portfolio of its IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) architecture. The ME 3400
Series is designed to enable operators to deliver the "Connected
Life," extending fiber-to-the-home apartment buildings and other
multi-tenant units, allowing deployment of more services more quickly.

Google Introduces Google Gadget Ads and AdSense
Google has announced the introduction of two new ways for advertisers to
communicate with users. Google Gadget Ads is an interactive ad format that is
currently in an expanded beta with a select group of AdWords advertisers
worldwide. AdSense for mobile unlocks the potential of the mobile advertising
market by enhancing the mobile experience with relevant ads that will help
people find what theyre looking for quickly on their mobile phones.

HCL Networks Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam
In a bid to simplify the dharshan procedures at Tirumala Tirupati
Devasthanam (TTD) in Andhra Pradesh, HCL Peripherals has networked the pilgrim
center by establishing three information kiosks in major towns. HCL has created
an initial awareness of the information kiosk to the TTD authorities through a
demonstration recently. With the demo successful, the TTD authorities are
expected to come out with a tender for procurement of kiosks shortly.

ASUS U1F Notebook
ASUS has announced the launch of the U1F notebook in the India market.
Targeted at the technology user, the compact 11.1 inch widescreen U1F is tailor
made for metropolitan professionals. Based on the latest Intel Centrino Duo
mobile technology, and Windows Vista OS, the U1F notebook offers a dynamic
computing experience with blistering speed.

Acer Launches Entra 451
Acer India has announced the launch of its Acer Power Entra 451 PC, based on
the AMD Athlon 64 bit desktop processor for bringing affordable computing power
to the common man. Entra 451 gives users a chance to own a have-it-all PC with
great performance, at great value for money.

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