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Productivity and talent retention must be front of mind for business leaders: Slack

Keeping with the trends and predictions for 2023, here is another one from Slack.

According to Rahul Sharma, Country Manager, India, Slack, the last year has again litmus tested many aspects of workplace resilience. 2022 started with the Great Resignation, with talent continuing to vote with their feet throughout the year; then we saw the emergence of the new trend of ‘quiet quitting’; and we are now ending the year facing a high degree of global economic uncertainty.

Heading into the new year it is now more important than ever for business leaders to put their focus on creating a collaborative and engaging workplace to put them in the best possible position to be more productive and retain their talent in 2023.

According to recent Slack research, 50% of Indian knowledge workers have cited teamwork and collaboration – powered by collaborative technology – as key factors driving organisational success. Just over half saw leaders as leading by example when it comes to the adoption of collaborative technology, and – interestingly – those leaders who did embrace collaborative technology were viewed far more favourably by their employees.

As we head into 2023, productivity and talent retention must be front of mind for business leaders. Employees have made their preferences for workplace flexibility, well being and culture clear, along with the ability to collaborate effectively, freeing them up to spend time on work that matters. Organisations must respond or risk getting left behind.

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