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Private LORAWAN provider DevAppSol develops world’s lowest-powered ultra-small multi sensor devices

 Accelerates Asset and Resource Tracking for Digitizing Airports, Mines and Ports.

DevAppSol, a pioneer in Connecting Asset and Resources real-time in difficult and hostile environments in enterprises, today announced a slew of new innovation with their smallest form factor and longest battery life Wireless Multi Sensing (monitors temperature, humidity, vibration, light and energy) devices. DevAppSol has successfully deployed Asset and Resources tracking solutions in large Infrastructure projects in airports and railways and has built and operated the largest Private LORAWAN Network in the country.  DevAppSol is now targeting Digital Transformation in Ports and Mines with its new innovative devices and private networks that work both underground and hard to reach sprawling mines along with accurate location sensing.

The DevAppSol IMS (Integrated Multi-Sensing) Sensor is a self-contained, battery-powered multi-purpose sensor that allows you to capture various data points with one single unit and is able to track locations accurately even without availability of GPS signals.

Today DevAppSol is running India’s largest LORAWAN Network in GMR Groups Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.  The Network running in an area of 100,000 Square Kilometers, tracks trolleys and resources 

Mines are in remote areas and deep underground. These confined spaces and asymmetric topology makes it a hostile environment for any data communication. Moreover GPS signals do not reach and hence the inability to track the location of any asset or resource accurately.  Wireless Connectivity becomes very critical as wired networks are limited in range, expensive and highly vulnerable to impact either from heat/humidity or physical damages. Location tracking needs to utilize different triangulation techniques in wireless and accelerometer/gyro to keep the ongoing history of movement of any asset or resource. 

DevAppSol Smart Mining Solution (SMS) leverages IMS sensors to monitor and track workers and equipment in Mining sites to prevent or minimize fatal or serious incidents during operations while ensuring smooth running while cutting costs, optimizing maintenance, and avoiding theft/loss. Our Smart Mining Solutions are the harbinger for Digital Transformation in Mines bringing can be lever for innovative and positively disruptive business models, which will make the mining industry far more competitive and sustainable not only in India but globally as well.

“DevAppSol’s one stop solution unlocks powerful productivity capabilities to fuel digital transformation across these asset-intensive industries. Our solutions are easy to deploy and flexible enabling stakeholders to leverage real-time data to predict maintenance / failures / accidents and increase operating efficiency. We are already in advanced stage of discussion with two of major mining companies in South America and North Africa” said Soma Srikanth Founder CEO DevAppSol

Speaking on the occasion Girish Dadheech, Vice President, Kerlink India, “We are very excited to be a part of this partnership with DevAppSol, a market leader in niche areas like Airports, Mines and Ports, together with their innovative solutions approach on Kerlink’s highly robust, performant and reliable outdoor Wirnet iStation & indoor Wirnet™ iFemtoCell IoT gateway platforms, we are able to expand the reach of LoRaWAN to newer heights, especially with the challenges in mines, where the long-term sustainability of network and devices are quintessential to track and monitor.”

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