Privacy protection made easy for Apple Watch owners

Smartwatches and wearables capable of running third-party apps are expected to become significantly more popular in the next couple of years. IDC projects that “smart wearable” device shipments will experience 683% year-over-year growth in 2015, with 33.1 million units expected to ship by the end of the year.* According to Janne Pirttilahti, F-Secure Director, Next Gen Security, allowing people to use Freedome on an Apple Watch will make protecting their privacy easy as they experiment with these new devices.

People running Freedome on their iPhone can now use an Apple Watch to control and monitor the VPN, giving them the freedom to enjoy using their Apple Watch without exposing their data to unwanted risks.

A new version of F-Secure’s Freedome VPN that adds Apple Watch support is now available.

“Wearables are letting people use their wireless devices for new things, so products like the Apple Watch are very exciting,” said Pirttilahti. “But new kinds of apps tend to produce new habits, which will change the way people are using their iPhones. Apple Watch owners will need to stay on top of how changes in their habits could expose their data to risks, and allowing them to control Freedome with their Apple Watch will make this process easy and accessible.”

The latest Freedome release will help Apple Watch owners keep their data protected by letting them use the wearable as a remote control for Freedome running on their iPhones. People can use the Apple Watch to turn the app on and off to prevent exposing their data to insecure public Wi-Fi connections through their iPhones. They can also use their Apple Watch to monitor the number of tracking attempts blocked by Freedome.

Freedome is one-button VPN that gives people a hassle-free way to encrypt their communications, change their virtual location to access geo-blocked websites and streaming services, and block malicious websites and online tracking attempts. It is currently available for iOS, Android, Windows PC, OS X, and Amazon Fire devices.


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