Prisma AI envisions a future where AI will become a common tool used daily by mankind: Dr. Shreeram Iyer

Prisma AI envisions a future where AI will become a common tool used daily by mankind, according to Dr. Sreeram Iyer

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Prisma AI is a global IT solutions company in Singapore, specializing in interactive IT. These are visual-based AI platform for face, image, video and object verification, along with an AR platform. Prisma AI has been striving for pragmatic, visual-based AI solutions using Gryphos for companies to implement practical applications. Gryphos uses ML and deep convolutional neural networks creating a deep learning system.


AI has been growing since its inception in 1956. It has then grown from a simple concept to one of the leading elements in today’s technology driven world. In the present day, almost all technologies are based on AI, ranging from self-driving cars to actual robots in development. We have virtual assistants who can effectively converse with us, as well as control the electronic devices of our houses. AI is rapidly growing with technology.

Dr. Shreeram Iyer, Founder and CEO, Prisma AI, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: Give us an overview of Prisma AI and its journey so far?


Dr. Shreeram Iyer: Prisma AI was originally established as Prisma Global GmbH in 1981, by ex-IBMers in Germany to focus on text recognition. At that point, it had signed up its first two customers. In 2003, Prisma entered a partnership with Patni Computer Systems, and then moved onto image recognition from text. In 2008, Prisma developed its patented algorithm, Gryphos, to standardize an image recognition operating system platform.

In 2017, Prisma AI Corp. Pte Ltd. was incorporated. The Asian headquarters was set up in Singapore, resulting in significant advances in AI- and ML-enabled expansion of visual recognition solutions and better training of AI models and accuracy. By 2019, Prisma AI was experiencing significant contract growths, including many notable clients.

As of 2021, Prisma has set up Prisma AI (USA), and is soon listing in the product market. Since then, Prisma AI’s technologies and innovations have grown over the years, being fortunate to set up nuances in technology for clients and customers.


For instance, one of the leading kitchens in an airline industry approached Prisma in late 2019 to support them with tech in their kitchen surveillance, wherein, there were instances of adulterating the food to be served to the airline, due to some labor issues. Prisma AI’s technology Gryphos acted as a vigilance for quality control.

Additionally, Prisma AI has successfully implemented algorithms with object recognition interface and real-time decision-making interfaces (APIs and SDKs), which can recognize any object irrespective of its type -- animate or inanimate, living or non-living, natural or artificial.

DQ: What is Prisma AI's offering, and how is it different from its competitors?


Dr. Shreeram Iyer: Prisma AI has its own proprietary patented AI algorithm and in-house system, Gryphos, which enables the development of its products and solutions. Gryphos uses machine learning, and deep convolutional neural networks, in order to create a deep learning system. The Gryphos exemplary deep learning system is utilized by us to make recognition and analysis for faces, objects, videos, images, body movements as well as predictive analysis using cognitive intelligences.

Prisma AI has developed technologies such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, as well as body behavioral analysis engines that employ decision science in their functioning, which can scan license plates of vehicles moving at high speeds and use that to automatically deduct toll payments or detect persons of interest. Body behavioral analysis engine can allow accurate analysis of body movements to better understand movements of any person and detect any person of interest by their suspicious actions. Prisma AI has provided various solutions with great results to many large sectors including, retail, education, aviation, infrastructure and many more.

Prisma AI uses the already existing CCTV and camera infrastructure, creating ease of use and functionality, thus saving revenues. All of Prisma AI’s products and solutions can be customized uniquely for each of their clients and are easy and fast to deploy, which makes Prisma AI unique and the first choice of customers for visual AI solutions.


DQ: What are the visions of the brand?

Dr. Shreeram Iyer: Prisma AI’s vision is to build a safer, technologically empowered, and transparent environment, with the aid of AI, and the change it is capable of bringing to human livelihood and existing technologies, while also helping in the creation of brand-new innovations that can revolutionize everyday life.

The goal is to enable every organization and individual with the power and capabilities of AI. Prisma AI envisions a future where AI will become a common tool used daily by mankind to help touch new heights of technology every day. The vision is to see a true technological utopia, which utilizes technology to its fullest extent to create solutions for every problem.


Dr. Shreeram Iyer

DQ: How has the brand navigated through the pandemic?

Dr. Shreeram Iyer: Prisma AI has held strong through the Covid-19 pandemic and stormed over the world. Additionally, Prisma AI worked on highly utilitarian solutions designed with assisting in the pandemic. Namely, a thermal temperature detection system that functions as a wireless and contactless device to automatically scan masses of people for their temperature, eliminating the hassle of manually scanning people, saving time, and alerting upon detecting individuals with abnormal temperature.


We also innovated with a contactless elevator solution that works with voice or face recognition, scanning a person’s face to determine the floor they live on or recognizing their voice command, no longer requiring a person to touch a panel, which could potentially cause transmission of diseases.

DQ: What are the plans of expansion and top priorities in 2022?

Dr. Shreeram Iyer: Prisma AI is consistently innovating ever since its inception, from text-based recognition to image-based, and now, from body behavioral analysis to sentiment analysis. Prisma AI has grown from Germany to India, Singapore and is now targeting markets in USA.

Prisma AI plans to expand and grow by signing more production partners and hiring a team in various geographics. Additionally, Prisma AI aims to work with their investors for further business leads.

DQ: What are the unique strategies and technologies that Prisma AI is using to reach out to its customers?

Dr. Shreeram Iyer: Prisma AI illustrates the solutions and products it provides to its clients using detailed presentations, write-ups, and a proof of concept, to help their client better understand the solutions being provided to them.

Additionally, Prisma AI uses many media platforms to create brand awareness for their products and incoming innovations and developments using Ad campaigns, blogs, and social media posts to spread awareness through various channels.

DQ: What is the most significant technology which they have developed, and it is for which industry?

Dr. Shreeram Iyer: Prisma AI is making its place in the field of technology and the latest addition to their gamete of products is the body behavioral analysis, which has enabled the development of several more subsequent technologies that have proven to be a huge boon for many industries. This system detects and analyses the movements made by any individual and determines their action.

This is a useful tool at places of large public gatherings, as it can be used to identify suspicious individuals from crowds. It can also be used to monitor employee behavior and gain organizational insights on their performance. Largely, this has been built for corporate industry, due its ability to gauge employee performance by their actions.

DQ: What is the biggest challenge that the brand is facing currently, and how do you plan to overcome it?

Dr. Shreeram Iyer: Creating awareness about technology has been a major hurdle for us, as general awareness about the potential of AI is quite lacking. AI is a very powerful tool with varied applications in many sectors and industries. Prisma AI is working to develop more solutions and products for various sectors that could help in increasing the overall efficiency of the workforce or production. It is taking many steps to increase awareness about the work it is doing on the same.

Prisma AI is creating ad campaigns for spreading awareness about its various products and solutions, on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, for each new client, Prisma AI prepares presentations and documents, detailing the process and functioning of the solutions and products they are providing to help their client better understand what is being provided to them and allowing them to then place their demands or queries for the same.