Portronics announces Magno

New Update

Portronics, a prominent leader in the innovative and portable digital product market, has added “Magno”, an elegantly designed magnetic, cradle-less mobile holder for car to its existing series of elegant car mobile holders.


Magno is a premium magnetic air-vent mount car cell phone holder which makes it easy for the users to find the secure places in the car to keep the phone, media players or GPS devices and use them in hands-free mode for safe driving. It has an ultra-strong magnet to secure the devices against falls even on the rough roads or sudden braking. Magno comes with a coin-shaped thin metallic strip which can be glued to the back of the mobile device or its cover / case with the provided high quality and safe 3M glue-patch. This metallic coin gets attracted to the magnetic face of the Magno when it needs to hold the devices in place without interfering with the internal electronics of them. The best quality 3M adhesive on the coin-shaped metallic strip to provide strong and safe grip yet does not harm the device.

Magno clamps easily on any car air-vent either vertically or horizontally with its exclusive push-fit design to provide a stable mounting platform for your smartphones, media players or navigation devices. The 3600 swivel feature of Magno maximizes the convenience and visibility at all the times and at all the angles while using GPS or listening to your favorite music and driving safely without the need to hold the mobile phone in hands. Magno has small holes at the sides to hold the USB cable for charging the device while using it at the same time. This mobile phone holder for car comes with rubber covering on the grip to prevent any damages to the car air-vent and for easy insertion and removal of mobile devices from the air-vent blades.

It is as light weight as feather and does not stress the air vent blades. Also, the length of the grips of Magno is sufficient enough not to restrict air flow inside the car without blocking the flow.

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