Popular Job Portals for Jobseekers in India 

We've compiled a list of some of the most prominent job portals that you may use to obtain a competitive advantage

Preeti Anand
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Newspapers were vitally significant in every household until about a decade or two ago, especially during the hiring season. Jobseekers used to meticulously look through many adverts and listings, highlight or clip them out, and then apply to them as soon as possible. Furthermore, sending out resumes necessitated mailing them or personally dropping them off at a company.


Searching for and applying for jobs has always been challenging in today's digital world. Numerous reputable employment portals allow you to apply for the job of your dreams quickly. These platforms may help you focus on and personalise your search, contact employers, produce effective resumes, and even build a strong professional network for free or at a low fee.

However, selecting the best job search engine might take much work with many available options. Don't be concerned. We've compiled a list of some of the most prominent job portals that you may use to obtain a competitive advantage and improve your chances of getting hired.



Indeed is another well-known job search platform with a global reach. Its simple construction is one of the main reasons for its growing popularity. It provides all the assistance you need to search for and apply for jobs in one convenient location, leaving no space for complexity or confusion. As a job seeker on Indeed, you may submit your CV, attach a cover letter, read company reviews, compare salaries, utilise filters to search for positions, take online assessments, and communicate with companies via its messaging tool. 

Furthermore, the portal offers many articles that provide career counsel and solutions to frequent challenges and barriers individuals face at various phases of their career journey.



With millions of users worldwide, LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most powerful networking and job-hunting platforms. Whether you are a recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or a senior executive seeking a full-time position or short-term tasks, our platform has something for you. Furthermore, because most recruiters are on LinkedIn, you may utilise it to easily present your achievements, hobbies, qualifications, and talents in an exciting manner to attract employers' attention.

Furthermore, LinkedIn has evolved into a solid tool for determining the reliability and authenticity of recruiters and job searchers. So, creating a profile on it is one approach to show oneself as a qualified prospect while avoiding potential work fraud.

Furthermore, its features, such as job search filters, the "open to work" hashtag, InMail, Linked Learning, message editing, liking and commenting on posts, and recommendations, can cater to your needs, such as applying for jobs, networking, and upskilling yourself through short-term courses.

Advertisment is yet another successful employment site in India. It simplifies the job search process by providing a user-friendly interface. As a job seeker, you must utilise the proper collection of keywords to find positions that match your abilities, location, area of interest, and aspirations.

Aside from assisting you in applying for suitable positions, it provides a wide range of articles on career coaching so that you may obtain a slew of valuable tips and tricks. Furthermore, on its homepage, a unique tag named "Salary" allows you to find solutions to numerous salary-related inquiries. This makes it easier to negotiate a rise the next time.

Advertisment provides professional resume writing services to individuals who subscribe to its premium services, where qualified writers create an excellent resume for you., a well-known company in the recruiting market, focuses on connecting job seekers with companies by carefully matching candidate profiles with relevant job openings. This site has included modern technologies such as AI, data analytics, and machine learning to track developing trends and changes in the employment market.


To assist you in obtaining your dream job, the portal allows you to join for free and search for jobs by categories such as city, talents, designation, and firms. Additionally, its premium services include a variety of well-tailored packages to boost your exposure, produce stunning resumes, set up weekly notifications, and extend your network., like its competitors, offers over 500 online courses and well-designed certification programs to help applicants develop in-demand domain-specific and soft skills.


HerKey, formerly known as JobsForHer, is India's largest one-stop shop for women's professional development. Its main goal is to help women interact with industry leaders and increase their engagement in the workforce through a holistic approach. HerKey, according to YourStory, "today has three and a half million women on its platform, over 10,000 companies, and over 800 re-skilling partners." These figures speak loudly about their commitment to closing the gender gap in India.

Although it began as a platform to help women re-enter the workforce after extended periods of unemployment, it has now evolved into a gateway where women can find fantastic job possibilities, choose courses to upskill themselves, connect with mentors, and speed up their whole growth process. So, whether you want to work full-time or from home, HerKey provides a well-tailored solution to fit your preferences.