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Podcast: Mastering the patient capital game in DeepTech

DeepTech investment is a different and nuanced ball game all together. The lab to market phase is longer and the market niche. Therefore, there is a need of patient capital.To talk to us about the DeepTech investment, and the macro level risks post covid we have on this episode Pratip Mazumdar, Cofounder and Partner at Inflexor Ventures.

Inflexor Ventures a deep-tech focused multi-stage investment fund looking at investing in early-stage companies from Seed to Series B stages. Over the last few years, it has invested across technologies ranging from cyber security, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and space tech.

Over the course of the discussion Mazumdar throws light on the sectors and tech Inflexor is looking to invest in from the recently raised 600-crore fund, some of the macro level risks affecting/might affect funding in the post covid market.

He also talks about the startups to watch out for in the coming year, investment in startups creating IPs around satellite services and the latest investments in logistics as well.

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