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PM Narendra Modi Promises Scholarships, Jobs and Benefits for Youth of Jammu and Kashmir

PM Narendra Modi is addressing the nation live for the first time after the highly debatable Article 370 and 35A was removed in a landmark move

PM Narendra Modi, in his first address to the nation after Article 370 was removed, has promised that henceforth youth and servicemen in Jammu and Kashmir as well as Ladakh will be able to enjoy the same benefits that the rest of the country is receiving. “PM Scholarship Scheme will be extended, house rent allowance and other benefits will be made available to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir,” said Narendra Modi in his speech.

Narendra Modi also said that the setting up prestigious institutes like IITs, IIMs, AIIMs others will be a priority for the government. The prime minister also urged players in the technology field to brainstorm on how youth from Jammu and Kashmir can be empowered with technology and make them realise the potential that Digital holds. ” Now my youth of J&K will lead the development work and take the region to new heights,” said PM Modi.

Article 370 gave special rights to the residents of Jammu and Kashmir pertaining to the following points: Employment under the State Government: Outsiders were not allowed to get employed in Jammu and Kashmir. Even scholarships in state-run educational institutions were not provided to outsiders. Acquisition of immovable property in the State was not allowed for outsiders so far. There were special rights pertaining to settlement in the State as well.
Immovable property of a state subject/citizen was not allowed to be transferred to a non-state subject. After the removal of the Article 370, these points no longer hold good and hence J&K will be treated just as good as the rest of the country. J&K staff will receive equal pay and perks as the rest of the country.

“I want to tell everyone, that any problem of people of J&K and Ladakh is also our problem. We are with them in their happy moments and their sad moments. Government will help in every way it can students who are trying to return to J&K for Bakra-eid,” said PM Modi. The prime minister also promised that good governance and jobs will be the focus for the government in Jammu and Kashmir.




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