'Piracy kills profits and arrests growth too'

DQI Bureau
New Update

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is the foremost organization dedicated

to promoting a safe and legal digital world.  Recently, BSA hosted the 2003 Asia

Tech Summit. The event brought a broad range of perspectives together for a

discussion on how best to advance the networked economy. Participants from Asia

examined emerging trends and technologies and explored their potential impact on

society and the global marketplace, today and beyond. BSA V-P (Asia) Jeffrey

Hardee, who was present at the event, spoke about the transition of the software

industry across the globe and its pervasiveness in all aspects of society–from

business to government. He spoke about these changes spawning new legislative

and regulatory initiatives around the world. Speaking to Shweta Khanna from CNS,

he discussed BSA’s works to advance policy solutions that promote innovation,

job creation, and economic growth. He also spoke about BSA’s plan of action

for India.


What are the challenges for the software industry?

One big challenge for the industry now and in future is quality manpower.

This needs to be tackled as soon as possible before it becomes too big a problem

to control. For this, we are working on various initiatives such as having an

active campaign for quality trainings and work effectively towards the projected

manpower demand. We are also calling to develop a domain-specific skilled

manpower that can meet up with the current and future software industry, which

is very dynamic.

How important is it to stop piracy?

Piracy robs profits, which are essential for R&D-intensive products like

software. Piracy is a problem worldwide, but is a major problem in Asia as it is

a growing economy. Piracy not only brings down the profits but is a hurdle in

future growth too. Corporate piracy is the biggest problem, which needs to be

dealt with on an urgent basis.

What is the status of piracy in China and India?

India has seen some progress in arresting piracy, but big leaps are yet to

be taken. It will take sometime to gain the momentum, though it has set in. The

industry also needs to take an onus for this situation. With India and China

being the fastest growing markets, this robbing of profits will need a drastic



Is it important to address IP issues for the software

industry across the world and in Asia?

India has a great software industry and has been making waves in the

international market for long. I feel it is time when India should own its

knowledge products. India is a part of the WIPO treaty, but it is yet to be an

active partner. In fact, in a recent study done by us, 85% of the users said

that IPR should be protected to continue investing in R&D.

What is necessary to stop piracy?

There has to be a 360-degree approach to stop piracy. Constant policing is

required with effective laws, corporate needs to become socially responsible to

buy original software and vendors should educate users about the importance of

original software.

What are BSA’s plans for India in curbing piracy?

BSA has been active along with police authorities and Nasscom to curb the piracy
menace. We will continue to work closely with authorities to generate newer laws

and support industry growth initiatives.