Asustor Nas

Photographers can Store and Access HD Images, Videos through ASUSTOR NAS

ASUSTOR NAS provides RAID storage technology which provides backup for all of the content to be stored, keeping it safe and sound

ASUSTOR Inc. a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions offer a reliable storage, backup and quick access solutions for the photographers. ASUSTOR NAS provide centralize storage for all the HD images and videos. Photographers can store and access terabytes of data from anywhere and easily shares the same with friends or clients in fraction of seconds. ASUSTOR NAS devices support the largest capacity hard disks in the market, allowing photographers to easily customize and create their own private cloud storage space, giving them the ability to centrally aggregate the photos spread across multiple devices into a single space for easy management.

ASUSTOR NAS RAID storage technology provides backup for all the content which is stored. Within ADM, ASUSTOR also provides a range of comprehensive backup solutions allowing photographers to backup NAS data to other devices or to public cloud storage. ASUSTOR NAS supports two-way backup sync options. In the unfortunate disaster event, users can recover and restore data as quickly as possible, avoiding damage caused by data loss.

“For both amateur and professional photographers alike, having a collection of thousands and thousands of high resolutions photos is not an exaggeration. It takes a lot of external hard drives to store these photos as the collection continues to grow and expand. ASUSTOR NAS devices is a solution for centrally storing and accessing the photos and videos” said Ripunjoy Gogoi, Sales Director – India and SAARC region at ASUSTOR Inc. “As a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage and video surveillance solutions, ASUSTOR is devoted in offering an unparalleled user experience and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.”

Featuring impressive hardware specifications like all ASUSTOR NAS devices, the AS6208T features HDMI 1.4b ports, S/PDIF fibre optic audio output, infrared receivers, hardware acceleration engines and stunning playback performance of ultra-high resolution 4K videos.

AS6208T is built with Intel Celeron Braswell quad-core processors, 4 GB of dual-channel memory, read speed of 398 MB/s and write of 355/s MB under RAID 5 configuration. It comes with built-in ADM 3.3 firmware providing RAID data protection, high-grade AES-NI hardware encryption technology, a 256-bit data encryption mechanism, firewall, network defender, antivirus software for installation and other safety mechanisms to keep data safe and secure.

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