Phone stolen, private messages and content abused. We are all at risk!

New Update

An ex-boyfriend stole a girl’s phone and then used it to extort money from her using her private photos. This was a news story recently reported online.


Are you at such risk? We are all in danger of our own private messages, photos and / or videos being used as leverage in the event that our phone is either lost or stolen.

“The multi-layer user protection we offer through n-gage is totally unmatched by any other app available today. Commented, Ajit Patel, CEO & Founder of n-gage. “In the event you were to lose your phone, our suite of Privacy features on n-gage will provide peace of mind that your private messages, content and multimedia files are protected”.

With Burn feature in n-gage, the comprehensive new Lifestyle Messenger, you can go to the n-gage website and remotely delete your entire app content including all messages and content on your device. This includes any media transferred into the n-gage Private Gallery that was originally received on other platforms such as WhatsApp.

Other features that would help in the event of a lost or stolen phone include the ability to password protect the app, or make it completely invisible. Additionally, the Android device system files are fully encrypted and so will remain totally unreadable.

Currently n-gage offers 13 unique Privacy settings that provide users with unrivalled levels of protection while still encouraging them to have fun with the apps playful features.

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