Pet & Food Safety IoT Startup, Nimble Wireless crosses $1 Mn In Revenues

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Nimble Wireless, a startup providing end-to-end IoT solutions for monitoring remote assets, announced that the company has crossed $1Mn in revenues and is on target to achieve over 100% growth by the end of the current fiscal year. The company is based in India and the entire solution (hardware, firmware and cloud/mobile apps) including the manufacturing is done out of Bangalore and Chennai. Nimble Wireless has so far raised around $1Mn in funding from Prime Venture Partners and other investors.


 The IoT startup recently introduced an App-based pet safety product, that  has received  phenomenal traction from recreational vehicle (RV) and pet owners in the US. Branded  as RVPetSafety, the product is designed to monitor a pet’s environment temperature, on the go, through a mobile phone. Pets are extremely sensitive to temperature changes and most of them cannot withstand temperatures higher than 102F and lower than 32F. Pets dying of heatstroke or frostbite is a cause of major concern among pet owners. The RVPetsSafety application can send real-time SMS and email alerts when the pet’s environment temperature exceeds set limits. Users can set the alert temperatures through their mobile app and monitor their pets according to the season and time. The product has already sold 1000 units so far since its launch late last year.

 The company is bullish about the market opportunity, as over 65% households in the US own at least one pet. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the market for pet products reached an estimated $62.75 billion in in 2016  and is expected to grow at 5.4 % annually. In addition, the RV industry’s shipments are expected to reach 472,200 units in 2017, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

 Nimble also works with food production & distribution companies in the US & Canada and enables them to monitor the safety of the food in real time. The backbone of the cold chain industry depends on delivering the food cold and healthy, by keeping them at the right temperature at all times. Nearly 25% of the manufactured goods are wasted during storage due to improper storage of temperature sensitive products. The Nimble Food & Safety  tracker helps the food industry to stay compliant with the newly enacted FSMA (Food safety modernization act) and enforced by the US FDA (US Federal & Drug administration). Nimble’s restaurant temperature monitoring devices can also be used to monitor the temperature of cold rooms, cold warehouse, retail fridges, visible coolers, etc. Nimble’s customers include key players in the US logistics & food industry  such as Rehrig Pacific and Wismettac Asian Foods.

 Nimble Wireless helps customers to wirelessly connect, control and manage their remote assets. The company provides state-of- the-art IOT SaaS (Solution as a Service) products to consumers and businesses. It helps consumers to keep their pets safe and food/pharma companies to keep food safe & fresh and medicines/vaccines and clinical samples potent. The company’s solutions are targeted towards multiple verticals such as Food & Produce companies , Cold Chain Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare.

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