‘People-management is still a niche focus area’

You recently launched a Web-based HR software system
specifically targeting the SMEs. Is this the product you were looking for to
differentiate your company from the rest in HRMS?
Yes, of course. This product — called sohamHR — was developed in an open
source environment after conducting a lot of market research. It is a
pay-per-user product, which has already seen releases of seven modules in just
one year.

The USP of sohamHR is its cost-effectiveness. In fact, it can be
installed at 55-80% of the cost of other HR products available in the market. It
takes just about 40 to 60 hours to implement our product in any organization
employing from 50 to 50,000 people.

How exactly does sohamHR help an organization?
SohamHR is a complete HR solution that offers end-to-end services in the people
management area. Several functions such as recruitment, employee administration,
organizational management, payroll, appraisal, training, leave management, etc,
are covered under its implementation.

Further, we are planning to take this HRMS product into SaaS in
Q2-2007. Once this integration is complete, installing sohamHR in an
organization will take only about eight hours.

Also, through our partner Sobha Renaissance Information
Technology (SRIT), we are planning to take our HRMS product to the health

Where do you see your company going in a few years from now?
We are technically very strong, and our strength lies in product
development. HR is still a niche field in India, and this is where I see Dream
Tekis making strides. Besides offering customized products and IT solution, we
have also expanded our portfolio in resource outsourcing to some US clients.

Of course, like any other start-up company, we have had our
share of hiccups on and off. But these are temporal and we have managed to rise
above them. In fact, I would like to emphasise that the attrition rate in our
company, though a start-up one, is less than eight percent. With regard to
revenue, we are expecting to post a turnover of Rs 60 lakh for 2006-07, and Rs 2
crore by March 2008.

Ashwini R

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