Pentamedia Graphics

Earlier known as Pentafour Software and Exports, the company would have
ranked higher but for its restructuring exercise last year. Nonetheless, the
company jumped three notches, from #19 to #16, in overall rankings. As for the
revamp, the company sold off its software services and computer training
divisions to Pentasoft Technologies. Pentamedia Graphics is a multimedia company
providing services in the area of animation and graphics. Pentamedia is ranked
at #6 in revenues and net profit and #5 in gross block. The company’s revenues
of Rs 552.38 crore jumped by 41% while net profit was up 46% to Rs 153.55 crore.
Pentamedia reported a ROCE of 14%, against 11% last year. The company is ranked
at #30 in sales growth, #34 in profit growth and #25 in growth in gross block.

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